E is for EUPHORIC!

The first sliver of sunlight’s that breaks through your room, a slice of life, waiting to be hugged, squeezed and embraced. The aroma of freshly baked cookie dough brownies or the scintillating smell of just now brewed coffee, sounds utterly delightful, not to mention mouthwateringly delicious.

Alas! If every day was greeted with the same emotion, vibe and expression! Love it, or resent it, the show must go on and so must life. Every single day, your alarm will ring with all its might and wake you up to face the wrath or calmness of the day.

It would sooth the mind, body and soul if an anecdote, the kind that exists in Disney cartoons, would miraculously transpire in front of our very eyes, so that time would hold still and not keep moving relentlessly! Wouldn’t it be great to have an energy booster that allows you to throw your warm cuddly blankets off and jump to a brand new start?

Sunny Side Up

If life is what happens while you are busy making other plans, then you need to take control and action. Enjoy it, sing it, challenge it or love it, but do it with a massive smile on your face, one that doesn’t let others see you as a weak, scrawny or meek, instead, one where you are perceived as a fabulous star!

And let’s face it, to have that starry quality you need that star studded energy, an energy booster, like E Fact, a cocktail of ingredients straight from Mother Nature’s belly.

A Concoction of Sorts

We all know the dazzling effects of antioxidants, and we all know it’s true to the very last letter. But popping a host of tablets as an energy booster on a daily basis doesn’t necessarily make you feel young and hyper, quite the opposite actually!

Now if there was one miniscule pill that worked its magic and knew how to ignite that X-factor within us, well the human race would be ever so grateful to that architect of energy boosters. E Fact is one such initiator that works for such a cause. With its focal aim to spread energy and oomph, one dose knows how to revitalize, rejuvenate and reinvent your entire existence.

The Active Ingredient

E Fact contains and retains ingredients that are not only proven energy boosters, but also facilitate the human mind with serenity and tranquility. Think about it, from Vitamin B6 and B12, to the exotic natural herb Kola nut, to Inulin (a brilliant supplement that fosters the good bacteria in your digestive tract to initiate a healthier and more vibrant life) this divine dose is the key to a brand new you.

Close your eyes and envision the island of Fiji and diving into the sparkling reef with iridescent and illuminating sea creatures. That is precisely where you land, mentally and physically, when you consume this decadent little spell! E Fact is a profound promise of life, a fuller more invigorating life that can result in a happier you and a more sated soul.