Give Yourself a Natural Energy Boost

There are many substances such as vitamins, herbs and drinks that claim to give person energy, but most are unproven and not without some problems.  This article is full of hints to help you get and keep a natural energy boost every day.

Problems with Some Ways to Get a Natural Energy Boost

Some ingredients like sugar and caffeine in drinks cause blood sugar levels to climb quickly, but when the affect wears off the blood sugar drops even lower than it was to begin with.  There are healthier, better ways to get a natural energy boost.

Some Tips to get a Natural Energy Boost

Reduce stress in your life–Being under stress is physically as well as mentally harmful.  Talking with someone is the best way to relieve stress, a friend or therapist will do.  If you are not around anybody then try learning some relaxation techniques, yoga, tai chi or meditation.

  • Stop stretching yourself too thin—Do not overestimate how much you can do and don’t say yes to doing more when you are tired.  Set some limits on your time and realize that every task isn’t a priority and doesn’t absolutely have to be done.
  • Get some exercise—Exercise helps relieve that energy robbing stress and actually increases your energy.  Exercising increases the stress hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine  that can lead to a natural energy boost.
  • Don’t smoke—Nicotine does stimulate, but it isn’t to your advantage as it does physical damage too.  It increases the beating of the heart, increases blood pressure, and causes brain-wave changes that promote alertness and thus can interfere with sleep.
  • Sleep—If you think you feel fatigued because you aren’t sleeping enough you may need less sleep instead of more.  Try sleeping less so that the sleep you get is more fulfilling.  If you have trouble falling asleep, stay up later, but get up at your usual time.  Proper sleep should leave you feeling refreshed and energized.
  • Eat for an energy boost that lasts—Instead of having 3 big meals each day; eat smaller amounts of low glycemic index foods about every 3 hours.  Some low glycemic index foods are vegetables that are high in fiber, whole grains, olive oil and nuts.
  • Caffeine—It can increase alertness, but shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities and not at all after 2 in the afternoon or it can cause sleeplessness.
  • Alcohol—This acts as a depressant, draining energy, and should not be drunk in the middle of the day during the natural low energy time.  Alcohol should also be avoided in the early evening if you don’t want to feel tired.
  • Pour on the water—Dehydration is often the cause of fatigue in adults.  Drinking water boosts energy and physical endurance.


Many things that we do can rob us of precious energy.  Having a natural energy boost when we feel pooped in the middle of the day can help us feel better and enable us to be more productive.  Use these tips to boost your energy and keep energized through the day.