E Fact Uses Natural Herbal Ingredients!

How many times has the phrase “I’m too tired” kept you from living your life to the fullest? Whether it was when your friends asked you to go out last weekend or when you were supposed to get up to go to work on Monday morning, you’ve probably uttered that repulsive phrase more times than you’d care to admit.

The E Fact™ of the matter is, TODAY IS ALL YOU HAVE and no matter how you spend your time, you will never get those seconds, minutes, and days back.

Whether you’re pulsing to the beat at 1AM, cramming for tomorrow’s finals, driving the kids to soccer practice, or delivering a knock-em-dead presentation in the boardroom, you can always use an extra energy boost now and then, but with so many different energy supplements and drinks crowding the shelves, it’s difficult to choose the right one– and more importantly, the one that actually works.

Most energy drinks and pills rely on thermogenic ingredients like caffeine and simple carbohydrates like sugar to give you a feeling of energy and alertness.  The problem here is two-fold: While caffeine and similar ingredients temporarily stimulate your central nervous system and give your metabolism a boost, creating a feeling of energy and alertness, they do little to provide real, lasting energy. Simple carbohydrates like sugar can provide a quick energy boost, but usually result in a dreaded ‘sugar crash’, not the long-lasting, sustained energy you need.

Now There’s E Fact™!

E Fact™ is a science-based blend of potent  natural herbal ingredients, vitamins and amino acids precisely formulated to work on multiple levels to support your body’s energy production at a cellular level and provide a quick, yet sustained, energy boost without the sugar crash associated with overly sweet energy drinks. E Fact™ gives you extra energy that actually lasts, so you can live your life to the fullest!