Q:  How does E Fact™ work?

A:  E Fact™ provides powerful natural ingredients that support energy production on a cellular level, enhance your body’s use of stored fat for energy, and contribute to feelings of alertness and mental focus.  Inulin promotes the breakdown of fatty-acids, helping your body to better utilize fat as an energy source.  Taurine is crucial for the proper functioning of the mitochondria, tiny ‘power plants’ within your cells, and also helps your body absorb glucose for a quick energy boost.  Guarana and Kola Nut contain special chemicals that mimic caffeine, increasing alertness and supporting optimum energy levels.  Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system and helps to increase circulation, facilitating oxygen delivery to your cells for optimum energy production.  Niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are important vitamins necessary for cellular energy production.  NADH acts like a spark plug, working to synthesize energy at a cellular level.

Q:  How is E Fact™ different than energy drinks? 

A:  The ‘energy’ supplied by most energy drinks usually comes from two ingredients:  sugar and caffeine.  Energy drinks that are loaded with sugar and caffeine may give you a quick boost and make you feel more alert, but do little to support your body’s production of real energy.  Even worse, the kind of energy supplied by a jolt of sugar inevitably leads to a crash, leaving you feeling more tired than before.  E Fact™ contains approximately the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, plus additional herbal ingredients, vitamins and amino acids that work together to support healthy energy levels at a cellular level, for the sustained, lasting energy you need.

The E Fact™ Difference

  • Natural ingredients sustain long-lasting energy without the crash.
  • Convenient little pill perfect for life on the go.
  • Better for your health and the environment than large cans of energy drinks.
  • Perfect for a morning pick-me-up or a late night party.
  • No bloating. No taste. No calories.

Q:  How is E Fact™ different than other energy supplements?

A:  E Fact™ provides a unique blend of herbal ingredients, vitamins and amino acids that work together to support healthy energy levels at a cellular level.   E Fact™ is the only supplement that combines inulin, NADH and herbal ingredients that mimic caffeine for sustained energy, with vitamins & amino acids that support your body’s natural energy metabolism.

Q:  Why do I experience an energy ‘crash’ after consuming certain energy drinks or supplements?

A:  Many energy drinks contain mostly sugar and caffeine.  When sugar is ingested in its simple form, without fiber, fat or protein to slow its digestion, it hits your bloodstream quickly, producing the rush of energy known as a ‘sugar high’.  Unfortunately this sugar high almost always leads to a sugar ‘crash’ as your body scrambles to remove the excess sugar from your bloodstream.  Over time, this dangerous sugar high/sugar crash cycle can lead to weight gain and other health concerns.  Unfortunately, low-sugar energy supplements that rely on caffeine instead of sugar for the ‘energy boost’ may only make you feel more alert and energetic, while providing no real energy.

E Fact™ works to support your body’s own natural energy production at a cellular level.  The ingredients in E Fact™ are absorbed more slowly than those in a typical energy drink, resulting in a prolonged and steadier supply of cellular energy. Most importantly, unlike sugar, the natural energy sources in E Fact™ won’t trigger a blood-sugar spike, allowing you to avoid the dreaded ‘crash’ commonly associated with quick-fix energy supplements and drinks.

Q:  How much E Fact™ should I take daily?

A:  Adults should take one (1) capsule daily as a dietary supplement.  Do not exceed the recommended dose.

If these FAQs didn’t answer your burning questions about E Fact, please check out our LFAQs (Less Frequently Asked Questions) or email us your question at office@enerverum.com.