When life throws lemons at you, catch them! Unanticipated situations, psychological roadblocks (physical and mental) and sudden detours tend to leave even the most sane person clueless and confused. What one requires is a compass; a form of direction, a road map or a route that results in a fuller life, a more enthusiastic and more passionate existence! You’ve probably read countless and innumerable books, articles and blogs (just like you’re reading this one) on dishing out the toxins and fueling fresh, bright and sparkling antioxidants in your life (inside and out).

So, what is going to make this a worthwhile read? It’s quite simple actually; super foods for a super life, if this became the slogan for every walking observer on the sidewalk, we would be rid of every ailment, disease and disorder. Your best interests are all that matter to us, and keeping that view point in our mind, body and soul, is the reason we concocted, initiated and created the E Fact energy capsule. A minuscule, diminutive pill that spreads like a warm, glow throughout your body and goes deep within your soul!

The Active Ingredient

E Fact energy capsule is replete with ingredients that are au naturale to the core. Whether it is Kola Nut or Guarana, this dose of rapture is steeped in the most exotic and organic ingredients available to mankind. We all know the fabulous benefits of ginger, honey and cinnamon; the cleansing and purifying effects have been tried and tested for generations. Now multiply those benefits and what you’ll get is Kola Nut; the core ingredient comprising of E Fact energy capsule. From kidney diseases to asthma, bronchitis to migraines, edema to inflammation, there is nothing Kola Nut cannot combat.

We know the mental torture of popping one pill after another, as though you’re trying to win a race. Taking one E Fact energy capsule, makes all the difference!

The Other Side

If the beauty and splendor of Kola Nut was not enough, Guarana is the other component that makes this energy capsule a dynamic droplet of decadence. Guarana, a gorgeous plant that hails from the mystical and exotic land of the Amazon, has benefits that stupefy your body.

We all want to lose a few inches here, a few pounds there; Guarana not only promotes weight loss, it initiates it even without you realizing it! Caffeine is yet another super food that is known to endorse a longer life and substantially reduces risks of colon cancer and heart disease.

Rainbow Diet

Juicy red tomatoes are bursting with lycopene, succulent grilled fish with a hint of lemon, thyme and rosemary has Omega 3, burgundy red beetroot gives you pink cheeks, and dark, intense cocoa beans are considered the next stimulant to augment your life. Plus, crispy bell peppers and candy pink strawberries are fabulous mood lifters!

Having a multicolored diet is great (if you can manage and afford one). E Fact energy capsule offers benefits for the masses at large!