Vitamins that Work as an Energy Booster

Vitamins are essential to keep the physical body and its systems in balance and   functioning properly.

We get vitamins from our food and some, like vitamin D, are from other sources such as the environment (sunlight).  Vitamin supplements are artificially produced and are taken to fill a vitamin deficiency in order to avoid some medical condition or to enhance a person’s well being.

Energy Booster Vitamins

If you do not eat a well balanced diet you may experience certain symptoms due to a vitamin deficiency.  Vitamins are necessary for our body processes to work such as metabolism and without them we can become tired, lethargic and even sick.

The vitamin most often taken as an energy booster is vitamin B.   Vitamin B is the general term for a range of B vitamins.  As a whole, vitamin B is very important for energy production and its use.  You get the most benefit when you buy B vitamin complex as it contains all or most of the B vitamins.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex contains 8, B vitamins that can help you overcome occasional fatigue and may help you loose weight by energizing and motivating you to be more active.  Here is a list of the B vitamins and a bit about the job they do in the body.

  • B1– (Thiamin)–Helps the immune system stay strong, contributes to the process of neurotransmitter synthesis, enabling better functioning of the nervous system and brain.  Provides energy by helping the body to metabolize food and to grow hair and nails.  Thiamin is necessary for metabolism to occur and has a part in assists the body in using the energy that the process of metabolism produces.
  • B2–(Riboflavin)–Helps with chemical reactions that produce energy, aids  the body in using oxygen more completely thus improving cell function and is reported to diminish arthritis pain, improving mobility and energy.
  • B3–(Niacin)–Helps in lowering high cholesterol and works with other B vitamins in the process of energy production.
  • B5 (Pantothenic Acid): Combines with other B vitamins to help the body with energy production and in its use as well as benefits the immune system by making it stronger.
  • B6–(Pyridoxine)- Works to protect the circulatory system and aids in proper blood flow so cells have ample oxygen
  • B–(Folic Acid–Protects arteries, helps form red blood cells that energize our body and its functioning by supplying oxygen for energy, it is also needed by pregnant women to prevent birth defects.
  • B12 (Cyanocobalamin):  Like the other B vitamins, it is an important component in improving the effectiveness of the body’s food absorption and the refueling of its energy by helping to make red blood cells.
  • Biotin–Helps with the metabolism of fats and proteins, a function that provides energy.


Vitamins play an important role in our lives.  If we don’t eat a well balanced diet we could become deficient in 1 or more of them and actually become very ill.  They help our bodies’ systems work more efficiently.  The vitamin B group, B Complex, has proven itself to be an energy booster.

Note:  Before using vitamins to help with fatigue you should check with your physician to make sure that an illness isn’t the cause of it and to discuss your plan to use B Complex for fatigue.